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    lrcat files much smaller in LR6???

    SausalitoDog Level 2

      Should I be worried?


      My LR preview files are substantially smaller after the LR update/conversion. Just flipping through them, I can't find any problem but is this size reduction "normal" and are you all seeing it?


      Just fyi, I have about 160k files and they preview size went from 4.2gb to 3.4 gb - the lrcat file is exactly the same (1.7 gb)


      I've run a folder sync on all the folders and stuff looks fine but I can't say I'm not a little worried..well I won't lose any files but don't want to recreate previews for a week :-)





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          LR6 zips the LRCAT files. It's one of the headline new features of LR6

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            SausalitoDog Level 2

            Hi Peter-


            Would you mind directing me to a link that discusses that? I just spent a bunch of time trying to find it.


            I don't see any zip files except in the ircat backups (which were also zipped  in LR5). My LRCAT is identical, just the previews are not. I've seen some writing that performance is faster because the previews are created in the background (I question the benefit there since you won't know when the process is complete) but I can't find any reference to zipped previews.


            I see a little performance bump in LR6 but I also see a much longer launch time compared to LR5 and I'm wondering if they have just transferred some of the operations to startup?





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              Joshua Cohen Level 3

              I think you are correct that the backups are compressed not the main catalog file.

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                SausalitoDog Level 2

                I'm happy with LR 6 (who isn't)...I'm just worried that the conversion of my previews is so much smaller than the LR5 and wonder if anyone knows why???


                This has me thinking that maybe the settings are defaulting to a smaller size preview?



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                  Joshua Cohen Level 3

                  Is there a functional impact you are seeing or are you just noticing the file size difference. If just the latter then I wouldn't worry about it. Previews are essentially under the hood components. However, if you are seeing evidence of the previews being the wrong size (like delays loading or zooming to what you expect is your preview size) then there might be more to investigate.

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                    SausalitoDog Level 2

                    I think what is going on is explained by the "quick import" new feature...that the previews are made later in the background.


                    I have my LRCAT files stored in dropbox. I just opened LR on my macbook and see that some of the files do not have previews. I think they will eventually get them if I let the iMac run (which is connected to the external HDD where the image files are stored).


                    I guess this is a problem for me - I do not see any way to tell when all of the previews are created. It seems the moving bar in the menu of LR is complete but the previews are not there.


                    think I might need to create new previews for the whole catalog...not a nice prospect so I hope I'm wrong...





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                      Joshua Cohen Level 3

                      I don't understand why you are so concerned about these previews. As you mention, eventually they will get generated. If you access a photo that has not yet had it's preview generated it automatically jumps to the top of the queue as always. This was the same as before except the process was not optimized for multiple cores. I understand the uncertainty of not knowing when the process completes but why do you care? Why do you feel you need to previews generated at a particular time?

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                        peterw15663271 Level 1

                        OK ... i need to revise my reply.  OP asked about LRCAT preview files and this confused me.  Previews are in LRDATA.


                        The Back-up Catalog is the LRCAT file and back-ups of this file are zipped now in LR6..


                        My LRCAT back-up from LR5 was 1.02 GB.  In LR6 it's 264 MB.


                        Preview files are stored in LRDATA. Mine is 40 GB now, but I don't know what it was before in LR5.


                        However ... there is now a new feature that will size the preview files based on your current monitor. A big new monitor will result in larger preview files - but I am not sure if this is done retroactively to the entire catalog or only as you browse through the catalog or only on import.

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                          SausalitoDog Level 2



                          My concern comes from the problem of going off for a few weeks with the laptop and not having all the previews there... If I left today, i would be missing quite a few.


                          Truth be told, this is probably just a problem right now during the overall upgrade. I would think that once I have everything, it won't be too difficult (probably same as with 5) to see that ll current files get proper inclusion.


                          But my concern is that there is no real indicator of where I stand. The only way I know I'm complete is to go through a number of folders.





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                            SausalitoDog Level 2

                            Thanks, Peter


                            I see what was confusing about my post. I named the folder that all of the LR "catalog" files are in TOC LRCAT and I've just gone to calling them all my LRCAT files.


                            I think that once I go through them all and give them a chance to update "stuff" I'll be fine.


                            It looks like LR is now treating previews much the same as the way it has always treated metadata updates...just goes on in the background and lets you shut down before completing (but at least you got a warning message if it was not complete).