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    Lightroom CC Face Recognition not scalable


      Running the face recognition on a large catalog is really a non-starter.


      1. The face detection algorithm is buggy, picking up animals, cars and bits of wall etc

      2. The face recognition is not accurate so for a library of 15,000 faces, my daughter will match around 14,000


      For example, if you add one face then you are offered an small number of similar matches say 200. Add a few more and it offers 2000 faces. Add a few more and the offered number just keeps increasing. Get to around 2000 confirmed faces and it pretty much offers the rest of the unconfirmed faces (including the horses, cars etc). This is the opposite of how is should be; the more confirmed faces you have, the more the accuracy and the better the list of offered similar faces.


      If you are going to attempt this, I would advise doing it in a piecemeal fashion, allowing you to resolve a small number faces and then move on.


      I estimate it will take at least a month to sort out. In comparison, I completed this task with Picasa in one evening.