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    an error occured when attemptin to change modules


      Hi I have installed Lightroom 5 on Mac OS 10.8.5, registered it but after that I get the error message "an error occurred when attempting to change modules".

      I managed to get one of the threads from the Adobe web where they say there was an old installer bug it suggested correcting permissions on lightroom folder - I did this but got the same error message.


      The forum also suggested to Re-create the preference file by dragging the preference file to the trash can:-

      . Preference file and other file locations/Lightroom 5x (this file is not in my preference folder??????????


      I also uninstalled and re-installed - same error.


      I cannot update through lightroom, the Mac just hangs and when I update via Adobe web site and download Lightroom 5.7 it doesn't open after that because it does bot give me an option to enter my license number, it only gives me an option to "buy"??????


      I am so frustrated as I have bought this (I'm in South Africa) and there is no support so - surely it must work somehow.

      I am skeptical now to buy adobe products.