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    Signatures at multiple positions in the PDF


      Signatures at multiple positions in the PDF. This is mainly a Verification & Validation document,

      where signatures will be applied for each Test case present in the document(4 to 5 signatures in a single page).



      We have observed that applying a signature for one place involves lots of steps and saving of file each time.

      This leads to lot of effort when we have to perform 500+ signatures for a single document.

      So do we have any mechanism to get the pre-stored signature with a single button?




      We are using Acrobat 11(Adobe Reader 11)

      Steps that we are using for getting a signature are:-



      Precondition:(Steps involved in creating Signature)



      Steps involved in placing the signature:(It will be performed each time a signature is placed)

      Click on Place the Signature button

      Identify the location for the signature

      Enter the password

      Click on OK

      Save the file