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    Component Creation Assistance needed

      So have created this movie clip that has a couple of content loaders on it and a list box that serves to offer a selection of content that can be loaded. As a movie clip everything works fine the data updates as requested through an external class file and the use of arrays, etc. I haven't gotten into alot of detail here because the problem is that the minute i convert the movie clip into a component and export the swc file everything works Except for the list box.
      All of the methods function as they should and all of the properties are accessable and update as they should as well. The only thing that just will not, no matter how i work it, work properly is the list box. All other active content, loaders, embeded movie clips, etc work fine. Very irritating to say the least... Is there an inclusion or something that i may need to make? The only inclusion i currently have is the actual class file for the component itself. I did not extend nor include any other classes.