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    Open PDF - extract vectors from pages to EPS files


      I've got an issue where I need to batch process around 100 PDFs (up to 3-4 pages in length) where I need to extract the vectors in them, and save them to separate EPS files.

      We are re-building a database with the images.


      What I was looking at doing was using an exisitng script that opens PDFs and creates artboards for all the pages.


      Now for my script I was looking at using the PDFs filename to create a folder (that much I got going).

      What i need to know, is if its possible to now using the selection arrow, copy and save the selected area as an EPS?

      I could probably do this with an action, but i was using a script that would look at the filename, add a suffix like "1" ... then "2" as I select and save the vector.s


      One of the things I as thinking was to have an action trigger when I selected the vector, copy it to a new document, resize the document to the selected size, then save the vector as an EPS with the filename and suffix.


      One of the issues I have is creating a new document. Can someone tell me how to do that given a name (filename+suffix) I want to use?


      Is there an easier method that I am totally overlooking?

      Many thanks in advance for any advice. 

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          Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

          I think the easiest way is to: create the EPS files first, how-ever you choose to: easiest would be to open the PDFs if they have Illustrator capability still, in a batch action, and save them as EPS using save artboards to separate files feature.  After all the EPS files are created from all the PDFs, you can run through them all with a script that openns each file, removes any art except the vectors, does your resizing and saving with a special file name.