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    Exiting Face Recognition

    Richard4911 Level 1

      Once I'm in the face recognition section how do I then get back to my 'normal' catalogue view as it's not obvious?


      This update is very complicated to use, not logical (obvious) and is running so slow on my laptop (compared to Lightroom 5) as to make it almost unusable!


      Not a happy bunny...

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          Joshua Cohen Level 3

          To go back, choose something other than "People" on the view menu. Note that if you directed Lightroom to search your entire catalog for faces this can take a LONG time. Like days running 24/7 depending on the size of your catalog and the size of your images. During this time you can use Lightroom but it will be slower than normal. It's premature to evaluate LR 6 performance if it's during the face scan.

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            SA_Tosterud Level 1

            Just click one of the other buttons in the toolbar at the bottom of the library module.


            If you don't see those buttons, click the triangle on the right side of the center pane in the Library module and make sure View Modes is checked.


            Or, you can do what I do and simply press the "G" key on your keyboard to return to the Grid View of the Library Module.



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              aussie2u Level 1

              I have a catalog of 150,000 images and face detection is crawling as you mentioned.  Question I have is does anyone know if this would be expedited by the GPU?  Right now just selecting 10 images it asks "Is this Tom?" takes several seconds.  Once I click "yes", I'm waiting several more long seconds.  I have an i7 with 24GB and catalog on SSD but no fast GPU.  I'm wondering if this would be a help during this process or only when actually editing? 

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                Joshua Cohen Level 3

                this function is not affected by the GPU.

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                  Richard4911 Level 1

                  Thank you everyone for your very helpful input on this; it turned out that I had at some stage hit 'T' which hid the tool bar showing the buttons to return me to grid view.


                  Now that Lightroom CC has finished searching for faces I'm finding that it is (as far as I can tell over a short space of time) in fact running faster than it used to do as Lightroom 5.


                  Once again, I very much appreciate your help...