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    How do I undo "remove faces region"?

    jday7757 Level 1

      I started using the new Faces feature in Lightroom and had identified several people that I wanted to recognize.  I also chose "remove faces region" from several of those I didn't want to recognize.  My problem is that one of the faces that I was recognizing and had a few hundred pictures recognized suddenly disappeared from my "Named People" list.  I can add that person back by selecting a "face" that I hadn't already marked.  HOWEVER, the hundreds of pictures that I had already marked belonging to this person no longer show in the unnamed persons list so I cannot add them back to this person.  I did NOT mark those "faces" as "remove faces region."  They were they under that named person one minute and that person was gone the next.  Is there anyway to get these faces back.  My guess is that when they disappeared, somehow they got marked as "remove faces region".  My question then is, "is there a way to start the face recognition process all over again so that it will re-recognize all the faces that have been marked for removal?  I did use the "undo" function to go back as far as I could but couldn't recover the missing person/faces.  Thanks for any help/suggestions.