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    Echo during Playback

      We have imported mp3 files into Captivate 1 and now into 2. In some cases, when we playback the audio, it sounds like an echo. Yesterday, it was not hapening but today, it is now happening when I preview the show. Also, it happens whether I have published or not. Any ideas?

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          Timbre4 Level 1
          No way to know your setup, but....

          Double-check sound card options; be sure that any record "what you hear" modes are not engaged. Depending on your setup, the audio may be getting pollution from coming back into the soundcard from another input used for monitoring or who knows what. If the signal is going out and coming back in, that can introduce slight delay or latency which is "echo"

          The file is fine I'm sure, it's the routing/mixer that is causing the problem.