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    Delay on presets applying in LR CC?

    Brighton Lance Level 1

      I’m liking the new features in LR6/CC but one thing I’m noticing is that the presets are taking a bit longer to apply to the full image – they are pretty instant on the small preview on the navigator pane but there is a definite wait until they pop onto the main image. Are you finding this too? It’s a bit frustrating as I’ve read about the improved speed but it seems to be the opposite.


      As far as I'm aware my preview settings are the same (I haven't changed anything in LRCC so assuming like-for-like from LR5)


      I still have LR installed and have applied same presets to the same images in both LRCC and LR5 and there is a definite slow-down in LRCC at this point - takes roughly twice as long for the preset effect to appear on the main image.


      I’m running Mac 10.10.3 on late 2012 iMac, 3.4GHz Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX Open GL Engine and ‘Use Graphics Processor' is checked.


      Wondering if the graphics card isn't up to it?


      Or maybe some sort of issue as have the latest Yosemite installed maybe?