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    BUG in PE 13- cannot open and save projects from PE11!!!!!!!


      For 1 month I'm requesting a TECH Support to resolve a BUG in Adobe Premiere Elements 13 that cannot load and save projects from PE11. I already provided all details several times (about my PC system & exact steps to reproduce a problem, etc) & posted in this PE forum as well.


      Adobe is the WORST company I have ever came across that shows NO SUPPORT for its clients. Not only they don't have a phone line, but lacking in providing its clients with other channels to contact Tech Support (if such exists??) via emails or a chat. It is unheard of that a company would SELL its products, collected money & then had NO responsibility to correct problems they introduced. SHAME on you! I will post this opinion in Facebook and everywhere. I will warn people they should beware on spending money on Adobe horrible products where a company refuses even support these products and where a company only relies  on common users who also already spent money and now experiencing all sort of problems. Unbelievable!


      Adobe team, if you are not helping with resolving your last bugs, you should at least send me a link for the old PE11 that I could finish my projects. I hope that someone will finally contact me