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    Recommended Premiere version for building a custom AAF import solution

    sg90 Level 1

      I am a software engineer currently building a networked edit-during ingest solution - Premiere is one of the applications my system will support.


      I have seen from some forum posts that Premiere CC has some teething problems with AAF files - does anyone out there using AAF regularly recommend to avoid CC and stick to CS6/5 or earlier?


      I have noticed my custom AAF files work as expected in CS5.5 but not on CC (missing audio tracks, actual .aaf not visible in Project window - I'm running a trial but don't think this would make a difference). Should I just wait it out for a fix before supporting CC?



      I might as well add another query: Clips in the project update automatically when they are changed on disk. Is this also possible for AAF files? Currently I don't think they do. If not possible, I will have to delve into Plugins. Does anyone here recommend some good resources for Plugin developers? Is there a separate forum / IRC for Premiere developers? I am experienced in C++ but completely new to working with Adobe product plugins!