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    why does my LR 6 slow down with Graphics Processor Acceleration turned on?

    kevinw6815795 Level 1

      Just upgraded to LR 6 and I am noticing that my editing in the Develop Module is slower than LR 5. I saw that my GPU acceleration was turned on... I edited about 100 photos and the lag between clicking on a photo until it was ready for me to adjust sliders was about 1/5 to 2 seconds.


      I disabled GPU acceleration and the average click-to-edit time went down to about .5 seconds... What gives?


      I have an i5 PC with onboard Intel 4000 graphics.


      I'm considering getting an Nvidia GT 740 if it would help but I don't just want to burn $100 when I don't have to.


      Thanks for any help!