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    Signature Validation Reverts to "Unknown" after Signing

    CJAllen Level 1

      I am having an issue with validating the signature on a form I am working on. The form is used to track maintenance and repair on shop equipment, and I'm using the signature to close the form out once it's completely filled in. The problem is that, for some reason, when I run the PDF and digitally sign the form, the signature initially shows as being validated, but then the validation status reverts to "unknown." I've run a temporary script on several of the signature field's events and found that the reversion occurs after the signing sequence is completed. All changes to the form are completed in the signature's preSign event, and no changes are reported in the signature panel--the panel indicates that the signature was never validated, even though it was validated a few fractions of a second earlier, something my script confirmed. What could cause the validation status to change like this?


      Thanks for any help!