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    Deploy Lightroom to OS X




      I hope you guys can help, I have tried Adobe support through the phone, through the chat and through Twitter with pretty much no success and I am about fit to explode.


      I've got 10 Lightroom licenses (volume license). I have downloaded Lightroom from the Adobe LWS and after a little research I have found the supposed method to deploy silently.


      I have got the application installed to the 10 machines using Apple Remote Desktop however each time the program is launched as a different user it is asking for a serial number.


      I have put this in as an admin user and it's not made any difference, and I can't give our volume license serial number to our students.


      How can I sort this out? I originally tried to use the CC Packager but I was told by support that isn't the right way to do it, is this right?


      I've copied the license file to both the user and system libraries on the machines to try and get it to work with no luck.


      Please help I'm going mad!