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    problems with IE7 while using Arrays and onLoad

      In advance thanks for any and all help. I have an array that is used to store the names of .SWF files to be loaded into another .SWF movie. When I call the "onLoad" method it works in every browser except IE7 ??? see the example below:

      prod_a = new Array;
      prod_a[0] = 12; // number of products in array. This feature is currently unused....
      prod_a[1] = "product1.swf";
      prod_a[2] = "product2.swf";
      prod_a[3] = "product3.swf";
      prod_a[4] = "product4.swf";
      prod_a[5] = "product5.swf";

      onLoad = function()

      when the file is opened it loads the flash file from slot "2" in the array into the "loader_mc" EXCEPT IT DOESNT WORK IN IE 7???? any ideas or help would be great! Does IE7 handle "onLoad" different? Did I make an error?
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          sly one Level 1
          Not sure if this is your problem, but one thing that IE7 definitely does differently is to require a click to make flash files start. There are many workarounds, including one that comes with Dreamweaver 8. Here's my favorite:
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            digunder Level 1
            Thanks Sly one, but that is not the problem, I currentl have a Java work around for that. I have tried a few different solutions for the " Click to make active" problem. I found that none of them made a difference.

            I have resorted to a "messy" but effective fix. - the elements I was hainvg problems with were dynamically loading text and images. I got around the problem by placing the images and text that was supposed to load "onLoad" , in the boxes as _mc objects. this way the images were allready there and did not need to be loaded.

            The only two problems with this is
            A) users of Firefox, and Safari (incl others) will see the screen "refresh" the picture when it loads. and
            B) the file size was 35kb larger.

            Thanks for the help all, the final is good enough for goverment work...