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    having sound play at same speed as video when sped up


      This is on the free trial, I have sped up my video, and theres a lag, that the video plays and the sounds doesnt play where they should play in the video, does anyone know how to speed up the audio that came with the video too?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements on what computer operating system?


          How are you trying to speed up the video and the audio along with it....

          1. Time Stretch and increasing the Speed % beyond 100.

          2. At the Timeline level decreasing the file duration using the mouse cursor

          3. Time Remapping and one of its fast options (that feature does not accept the audio)

          4. Interpret Footage, Frame Rate section, increasing frame rate above that of the original file



          Are you importing video that has been recorded in the camera with fast motion, but the video motion is fast but the sound is at normal speed?


          Please explain further.


          Thank you.



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            craigr91391236 Level 1

            Windows 8.1, Its a video i filmed with a phone all at normal speed. Then i went on time remapping, and clicked on time zone and increased to about 2x Then i played the video to see what it looked like at the sound was being played way behind the speed of the video. So i have to end up muting it because it sounds not right.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Time remapping does not accept audio in its workspace so that audio stays as is as you fast motion the video. If you want to go this route, you could do your 2x fast motion in the Time remapping area, unlink the audio from the video, and then use the mouse cursor to drag in the audio file duration to match that of the video portion. Is the effect produced acceptable? Or, unlink the audio from the video, and then apply Time Stretch Speed % 200 to the audio portion to match video and audio duration. In the latter, the sound will be distorted.


              To unlike audio from video, right click video before Time Remapping, and select Unlink Audio From Video. Or, when you are in the Time Remapping workspace, you can click on Remove Audio. But, then the audio is gone when you get back to the Timeline.


              If you want to create fast or slow motion effects in Premiere Elements and keep the video and audio together, look at Time Stretch with Speed% greater than 100 or Interpret Footage with frame rate greater than the frame rate of the original file. Sound will be distorted but in pace with the video fast motion. To get at Interpret Footage, right click the file in Project Assets (v 11, 12, or 13) and select Interpret Footage from pop up menu.


              Have you been there and done that yet?


              Also, there is another issue that I am not sure how you will fare with. The video audio from cell phones is typically recorded with a variable frame rate. Premiere Elements does not fare well with variable frame rates - symptom audio out of sync or not able to import the video at all.

              If you do get this video to import, audio out of sync may or may not be an issue with distorted audio from fast motion.


              Please review and consider.


              Thank you.