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    Is there other solution than sign off/sign in to make lightroom cc starts up?


      I have been following the discussions regarding the lightroom cc trial version not starting up. Since the day of the release I have been trying many things (reinstalling, restarting the machine, sign off/ sign in the creative cloud, change permissions of the ~/library and /library folders), but not works for me.

      In all my attempts the Lightroom opens a screen with an image, but it closes immediately and a trial window appears showing the number of the remaining days of trial.

      My machine is a MacBookPro 2GHz i7 Yosemite v 10.10.3.

      By the way, it was a Mountain Lion OS X, but the lightroom installation did not work and I updated to Yosemite (so, the same problem in both OS X systems).

      Thank you in advance!