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    Preloader and thumbnails

      Hello everyone!
      I'm new to flash (everyone always starts their first post with that...) and I want to use a preloader for each of my picture galleries.
      Each gallery sits on a different swf file that is loaded on a main swf container.
      Now on those swf that hold the gallery i have thumbnails on the left side wich, when the mouse hovers over them, load the picture on a movieclip. The thumbnails are themselves on a movieclip. and each thumbnail is on its own movieclip inside the big thumbnail movieclip... I hope it's clear...
      What happens now is i first have to wait when the swf is loaded, then when i hover on a thumbnail, the picture isnt displayed directly, there's a small waiting needed.
      What i'd like is to get a preloader, and once it's complete i don't have to wait for anything. the swf would be loaded and the thumnails would display the pictures directly when hovered over....
      Is that possible?