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    Lr CC and Lr 5

    Alp Er Tunga Level 1

      Hi ... I've installed Lr CC from the creative cloud.

      So, now both Lr CC and Lr 5 are seen as updated in my account.

      But, when I open Lr 5 it gives me a warning for a new update ... and the "download" link direct me to my creative cloud account in which Lr 5 is seen as updated as I said above.


      Why is the new Lr not written on the previous one?

      Why does Lr5 still appear on my creative cloud account?

      And, why is it also appeared as updated even it does not say so when I open it.

      Why does Adobe complicate the process so much?


      I think that I should uninstall Lr 5 manually now ... just need a confirmation from an experienced user.


      Thanks a lot.