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    Why is Adobe Application Manager restricting me from using CS6 applications that were installed from a hard disc?


      I previously had a subscription to the Creative Cloud through my job and had applications from CC installed on my personal computer. After I left that job, my work email address was deleted and my Creative Cloud account was canceled. I uninstalled all of the CC applications from my computer and ran the Adobe CC Cleaner to get rid of any other files.

      I was able to successfully install my old hard disc copy of Adobe CS6 on my personal computer, which I purchased prior to having the Creative Cloud and registered the serial number with my personal email address (a different email address from my former work email that was under the CC account). When I try to launch any of the applications that were installed from the disc, the Adobe Application Manager brings up a notification that my membership with my personal email has expired and I cannot use the software.

      The email address on my personal Adobe account has never been subscribed to any Creative Cloud software. Why can I not access the applications that I purchased and installed from the hard disc?