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    Lightroom import folders


      Hey, so I recently switched laptops and obviously imported/shifted my old Lightroom catalog to my new computer running Lightroom 5.7.1. Since this time every time I try to import new photos they refuse to go into the existing folder structure I have within my Lightroom Catalog and rather 'sit outside'. They physically (on the hard drive) go into the correct folders but simply within Lightroom they sit separately to my current folder structure regardless of how I import them.


      I'll use an example to explain... I imported 100 photo which were supposed to go into my Vancouver folder (which sits below Travel - Me > America - North > Canada). Instead, what happened (and happens whenever I import) is that despite I selected for it to go into the 1504 - Vancouver folder within Lightroom a new folder was created right up the top on its own as you can see below.


      I then tried to put it in its correct position by selecting show parent and then I ended up with the below where you can see I have my original 'Travel - Me' folder structure and then a whole new 'Travel - Me' just for the '1504 - Vancouver' photo I just imported.


      I then tried to drag and drop the photos into the correct '1504 - Vancouver' folder and I got the below error which I know is because the files physically exist on the hard drive in this location.


      If anybody has any idea how I can stop this happening I would be insanely appreciative!


      Thanks a lot