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    LR 6/CC GPU accelaration makes healing brush slow?


      Hi everyone,


      I'm happy with my CC abo and LR6 so far. The GPU support improves the responsiveness and is awesome. But I also noticed that cloning/healing brushes are MUCH SLOWER with enabled GPU support. Especially then drawing a line or so it's super fast. Then I'm disabling the GPU it's noticeable faster.


      My system configuration:

      - Intel i5-2500 @3,3GHz

      - AMD R9 270X with driver 14.12

      - 16 GB RAM

      - LR on SSD, catalog and RAW files on a separate SSD


      I know that the CPU is not the freshest but the system is working fine and in Photoshop I have no performance problems, so updating the system is not on a high priority at the moment.


      Can someone else confirm my observations? Suggestions are welcome and some Adobe statement (further GPU improvements in the next couple months as CC updates) too.


      Thanks and regards,