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    Redirecting index.cfm to dynamic.cfm without parameters :(


      Hello Everyone, I have this code that works great, but there is one little problem.

      When user inputs index.cfm it does not forward to plain dynamic.cfm

      So it seems to me that i need to modify this code so it can handle at least one more option

      The script works very well when user inputs index.cfm?myID=#url.myID then redirects to dynamic.cfm?myID=#url.myID

      How could I make it work? Any help greatly appreciated


      [code]<!-- File name: index.cfm -->


      <cfif isDefined("url.myID") AND IsNumeric(url.myID) AND url.myID NEQ 0>    

      <cfheader statuscode="301" statustext="Moved Permanently">    

      <cfheader name="Location" value="dynamic.cfm?myID=#url.myID#">