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    Lightroom 6 high CPU usage

    Lhotka Level 1

      Anyone else seeing very high (300-400%) CPU usage in Lightroom 6 - when it's apparently not doing anything?

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          Mollysnoot Level 3

          Odds are it is doing something in the background. Perhaps you have some photos synced in LR Mobile that are being converted to smart previews and uploaded, or maybe you recently switched on facial recognition and LR is busily indexing all of your images? Check in the activity centre to see if anything's happening there.



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            Lhotka Level 1

            Nope - have all the online stuff disabled, no facial recognition, no address lookup.  There's no progress bar in the top left, and nothing running in the drop down either.  It's so bad it's essentially unusable.

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              Yesterday LR was getting so sluggish, I opened my Mac's (MacPro 2009, 24GB RAM) Activity Monitor - LR was using about 54 GB memory!! - the performance graph at the bottom was red and yellow.

              I looked for everything I could turn off - Mobile trial (face recognition was already paused) it did improve. Still...

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                I'm having the same problem.

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                  I have been experiencing the same. I have 2 Macbooks, and it is only doing it on one of them. They both have the same overall setup. the only difference is 4gbs of ram in one and 16gbs in the other. Memory usage is synchronous across both though, so that's not the issue! it doesn't want to do anything!

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                    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                    So that everyone reading is on the same page, there are a number of long-running activities that LR does in background:


                    - Building previews for imported photos. This can take hours for large numbers of photos and gets worse if you build higher-resolution (e.g. 1:1) previews.  You just have to wait for this process to complete.

                    - Sync with LR Mobile.

                    - Address Lookup.

                    - Face detection.


                    The latter three can be paused by clicking on the identity plate (usually with your name on it) in the upper right corner:

                    Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.07.53 AM.png

                    Typically, it's building previews and face detection that consume large amounts of CPU.  But try pausing all three and then restarting LR.

                    Some plugins also have background activities. In the past, new releases of LR have sometimes caused incompatibilities with these plugins.  You can temporarily disable all your plugins via File > Plug-in Manager.  Click on the plugin and under the Status bar in the right panel, click Disable.  Restart LR.  (This possibility is remote, but if you've tried everything else...)_

                    Finally, there are a couple of possibilities with the recent LR CC 2015.2 / 6.2.   The new Import window appears to have consumed huge amounts of CPU on some people's installations.  Also, LR doesn't always exit gracefully, and it can leave behind a zombie process using large amounts of memory.  To troubleshoot these issues:

                    1. Do Help > System Info and check the version of LR -- if you're not already, upgrade to LR CC 2015.2.1 / 6.2.1.  (Do not assume you are on "the latest version" -- the Adobe updater is flaky.)

                    2. In Preferences > General, uncheck the option Show Add Photos Screen.  (This option shows the new "source" screen of the Import process.) 

                    3. Restart your computer to kill off zombie LR processes.

                    Finally, finally, if your problems started after the upgrade to CC 2015.2 / 6.2, many of us recommend that you revert to CC 2015.1.1 / 6.1.1: http://www.lightroomqueen.com/how-do-i-roll-back-to-lightroom-2015-1-1-or-lightroom-6-1-1/ . Wait until Adobe cleans up the mess, and let others do the beta testing.

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                      BeBop2 Level 1

                      Same problem here. LR6.1.1 (purchased) Windows 10 x64, 16GB memory, 500gb SSD, Intel I7 processor. It's ridiculous. Just browsing library hangs system or nearly so. Trying to type a keyword is s....l....o.....w.  No LR mobile, no face recgonition, no XML. What's going on? Why can't we determine what LR is doing? Once there was a loop in the Library Module causing the selected image in Grid View to flicker every few seconds, no response to any keyboard or mouse function -- only solution is kill LR. Video on OneDrive:

                      https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=6BA7219477216306!1091&authkey=!AH1us-MjBmjappI&ithin t=video%2cmp4

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                        Same problem to me. I can work at 10 photos, and after that, LR is killing my I7 2600k which is Overclocked @4.5ghz. 24gb RAM, SSD installed. This LR CC is not very useful @workflow... Any advice would be perfect!!!

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                          afeinphoto Level 1

                          Same issue.  Macbook pro with 16gb RAM  mid 2012 runs FASTER than my mid 2015 32gb ram imac.


                          Just had imac in to get 48hrs of testing.  Found no hardware issues.  Gets sluggish to the point of not very operable.  All CC things are turned off and previews already built.


                          LR 15.9 CC

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                            Same issue on my MBPro 2015 model (AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB & 16 GB Ram).

                            I did disable the sync and every settings that must be done to lessen the CPU usage, but still it didn't work.


                            However, if you have a lot of presets (especially 3rd party) it might be the culprit behind the CPU spike (explanation is at the last part of the page), so what I did was to remove my 3rd party presets and the CPU usage has SIGNIFICANTLY been reduced. It's kind of frustrating that the trade-off was to remove the presets, however I'm glad that CPU usage doesn't spike anymore on develop.

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                              i have the same problem