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    InDesign CS6 Blurb page size discrepancy


      Hi InDesign Land,


      While I'm waiting for Blurb to get back to me, I thought that I could a quicker and better answer to my problem with some of the knowledgeable people here than Blurb. After months and months of putting together my first photo book via InDesign CS6 and the Blurb Book Creator plug in, I ran into a wall when uploading my Blurb Export PDFs. Although my InDesign Master Page size is 13 x 11, the large landscape size for the Blurb landscape book, the preflight of my uploaded PDFs indicated a slight larger page size and that I can resize the page size to the "proper" page size. I tried the resize, but that totally messed up my layouts.


      Any idea why the page size discrepancy? If I have to resize the page, how can I resize the layouts automatically?