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    Does Adobe provide Mental Health Support after talking with Customer Service?


      I purchased LR5 recently and since LR6 was released soon after i applied for their free upgrade service, i put in the application but they hadn't responded in a few days so spoke to customer support. They literally didn't know the difference between LR6 and LRCC, they asked me to download the product from Adobe's website and provided a link for me to purchase it again, then insisted i use that link even even though i told them i already purchased LR, when they couldn't understand what it was i wanted they then insisted i call customer support...Literally customer support asked me to call customer support?


      They then sent me a link to to download Ceative Cloud, when i said this is a subscription service not the standalone they said no they are the same now.


      And finally in what was a lengthy and painfull process i received this accusation at the end after which they literally ended the conversation abruptly:


      Customer support: Please contact your reseller .

      obsidian element: why would my reseller provide a free upgrade, this is the Adobe program not theirs

      Customer support: I gave you the link else request you to contact our sales team.

      obsidian element: i put in an aplication with adobe, im trying to find out why adobe hasnt responded to it so far.

      obsidian element: are you able to find out what is wrong with the application adobe has or not?

      Customer support: Request you to contact the person from whom you purchased it. This product is under someone else name.

      Customer support: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!


      They literally accused me of theft even though i provided Adobe with my serial number and purchase reciept.