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    Timer function

    Monkybomb Studios Level 1

      Hi There guys,


      I need to add timers to each page of my project to return to the homepage if inactive for x seconds is there a way to apply this universally to the entire project?  How do i set the mouse inactive functions, if you can give me a hand i would be very grateful!!


      Thanks in advance!

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          Robyn_cpl Level 2



          I use this code below


          setTimeout(function ()



          }, 1000);


          Every 1000 = to 1 second.


          The inside the {} I would add an if statement to say if (inactive ==0) then return to home page.

          I hope this helps

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            Monkybomb Studios Level 1

            Hi Thanks for the reply!


            Will this work if noone has touched the screen for the set limit then will return to homescreen? And where do i use this code on the trigger for each page? or do i use it on the creation complete or document ready areas?

            Your help is very much appreciated!


            Thanks so much in advance!

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              mads18950258 Level 1

              you could use setTimeout but remember to remove previously setTimeout objects.


              you would do it like this.


              on your Stage CompositionReady

              create a 'global' variable like so




              from you symbol (scene or whatever), assign an mousemove event (for testing purpose i assigned this to the stage), within this event add the following code.


              clearTimeout(  sym.getComposition().getStage().timer1)

              sym.getComposition().getStage().timer1 = setTimeout(function ()



              }, 1000);



              Voila, after 1 second you should get an alert, if you comment out the clearTimeout you get an alert for every time the mousemove event is executed .

              performance wise im not sure if this is the best solution, but it may do the job for you or inspire to another solution.


              hope it helped.

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                Monkybomb Studios Level 1

                Hey there, Thanks so much for the help this worked like a charm!! You saved my bacon haha!