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    Lightroom CC Crashes/Fails to Launch after Installation


      Yesterday, I downloaded and installed Lightroom CC. Launching the program produced an immediate crash with no error message. I tried the fixes posted elsewhere on this forum without success. Subsequently, I contacted Adobe Support via Live Chat. The following steps took care of the problem and LR CC now opens correctly.

      1. Logout of Adobe CC.
      2. Open Finder, choose Go > Go To Folder.
      3. Paste the following folder destination into the Go To box:   /Library/Application support/Adobe.
      4. Hit return to open the Adobe library folder.
      5. Locate the SLStore folder and rename it to SLStoreold.
      6. Locate SLCache folder and rename to SLCacheold.
      7. Rename SLCacheold to SLCache.
      8. Double-click on the SLCache folder and delete all files found in the folder.
      9. Go to your Applications folder and re-launch Lightroom CC.
      10. Sign on to Adobe CC.


      If everything goes as expected, you should see the Lightroom CC splash screen followed by a message saying, "Catalog upgrade in progress."  You may also see a Keychain prompt: "Adobe LR wants to use your confidential information stored in [long-file-name] in your keychain." Select Allow or Always Allow (if you don't want to be bugged again.)


      Once Lighroom CC is open, look for your name plate at the top left corner of the LR window. If you haven't already signed-in to Adobe CC you may be prompted to sign-on by LR.


      Hope this helps.