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    I'm getting an error message in Lightroom 6 when I try to export a photo. It's "The specified folder is not writable". It doesn't matter which folder I pick, I get the same message. However, if I open the image in photoshop and then save it, it works just

    bboger Level 1

      I've already reset my lightroom preferences, didn't work. I also uninstalled, and reinstalled lightroom. Didn't work either.

      I have no problems with any other programs including photoshop, so this has to be an issue with lightroom.

      Also, I can import from a memory card using lightroom and save to them to the folders just fine, the error only comes when I'm exporting a photo after I'm done editing in.

      I'm running windows 8.1 and the folders are all onedrive folders. (I have unlimited onedrive storage so I take full advantage of it.) I've always saved them this way, and only started having trouble after updating to Lightroom 6