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    Understanding Symbol/Instance hierarchy relationships


      I am looking for some insight into the symbol/instance hierarchy.

      First off what I have done simple enough is create a dynamic text field and convert it to a symbol.

      This symbol has an instance name of "symHeader".

      I then dragged an instance of that symbol to the stage and gave it an instance name of "instHeader".

      I was having problems populating it with what seemed like a logical approach:

      symHeader.instHeader.text = "blabla";

      with no luck.

      In looking at the object list in debug, it occurred to me that it should be:

      instHeader.symHeader.text = "blabla".

      This seems sort of backwards in the hierarchy of things.

      I figured since instHeader was and instance of symHeader, symHeader would be the first item listed, then drill down to instHeader.

      Can someone familiar with the symbol/instance hierarchy explain why this is this way, maybe I need to look at this in a different way.