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    Turn off Lightroom auto import of PSD...HOW????


      I really need help on this one. I am using Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6.


      I have a folder called

      "Laura and Alexander Wedding"


      inside that folder I have two subfolders:






      So it looks like


      Laura and Alexander Wedding










      I import everything in "Raws" to Lightroom.

      I edit IMG_1.CR2 in Photoshop CS6. I right click and select "edit in Photoshop CS6"

      I save as... my edit in "Mods" as "IMG_1.PSD"


      After that save, Lightroom automatically imports IMG_1.PSD and everything else in the Mods folder into the Lightroom catalog, even though I never selected the Mods folder for import!!!


      I right click on the Mods folder in Lightroom and click "Remove".

      But as soon as I save another raw file, it again adds the new PSD and re-adds the entire Mods folder to the Lightroom catalog.


      For various reasons I cannot have Lightroom doing this. I don't want it to add any folders or content to the Catalog unless I explicitly import them. It doesn't matter where I save the PSD...if I edit a RAW in Photoshop and save a PSD of it ANYWHERE, Lightroom takes it upon itself to import the new PSD and the entire folder the PSD is in. HOW DO I TURN THIS OFF? I have searched high and low and have not found an answer.