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    Why the keyword delimiter in Library is a "," and in the search field for dynamic collection it is a space?


      PC Windows 8.1

      Lightroom 5.6 and 6


      Hello I have a problem with Lightroom 5 and 6 on the keywords and dynamic collections:

      Let me explain: I take pictures of people and I put as keyword on each photo the full names of people who are in the picture.

      - If the photo contains a person Toto Smith, I put as keywords Toto Smith.

      - If the photo contains a person Toto Smith and Smith to Titi I put Toto Smith, Tito Smith

      and so on

      Imagine I have another picture or there Titi Yellow, Jean Dupon. Toto Blue

      Now when I make my dynamic collection and I look the pictures "Contains everything" "Toto Dupon" and Titi Dupon, I will have in my collection also contains the photo: Titi Yellow, Jean Dupon. Toto Blue although in the latter there is neither Toto Smith nor Titi Smith.

      This is because in searches for dynamic collections separator is not "," like keywords, but space.

      How can I do my research without renaming all my keywords with a "_" between first name ans dlast name as this: firstname_lastname?

      I think there is a problem of consistency, either you use the space as a delimiter anywhere either you use the comma, but the mixture of the two is not a good idea

      Thank you