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    BUG: Face Recognition splatters Face Tag rectangles all over my Images

    Tanja2014 Level 3



      happend a few times with a new catalog.


      i run the people view and everything but faces are recognized as faces.

      green gras, white walls, blue sky etc.


      and i don´t mean a few images i mean 2-4 wrong rectangels per image.... for hundreds of images (i stopped it or it would be way more).

      happend a few times now.


      also the keywords in the keywording windows do not change when i enter people view.

      i mean the windows only shows the keyword of one image and when i change the image in grid view, the keywords of the actual image are not shown. (the window is not updated)

      they are also stuck when i close people view. only a LR restarts helps.


      i run windows 7 x64

      32gb ram

      980gtx (latest drivers)