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    Vertical Parallax Scroll issues


      Hi, so I'm trying to create a parallax interface but all the tutorials (I've tried the following tutorials and none seem to work even after mirroring each step: Using parallax scrolling in Animate with a single line of code | EdgeDocks.com / Parallax Scrolling Made Easy (Adobe Edge Animate Online Week, Episode 9) - YouTube / Loading external scripts into Adobe Edge Animate CC (Edge Commons + Parallax) - YouTube) - I'm wondering if something has been updated to the software that means these tutorials no longer apply?

      I have the animation in the timeline all set up and ready to go - I just can't seem to find a code snippet that works?

      Has anyone successfully created a vertical parallax scroll effect in the most recent version of EA?

      I would also like a 'menu' section at the top that scrolls down to the correct section once clicked - does anyone know if this possible or am I expecting too much from this programme?