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    Puppet pin spikey eyelid


      Hello there


      I'm currently setting up an animation from a drawn (nearly photorealistic) face from AI. The face should wink and smile.


      Im working with the puppet tool and some IK plugins like DuIK to combine layers and puppet pins with nulls.

      Now there's a little issue with the pin tool that bothers me. Whenever I try to setup the upper eyelid, the puppet pin/pins that moves the lid distorting the edgecurve of the lid will cause a spike like distortion instead of moving the whole lid nicely.


      I tried to work with the starch tool, but that will cause the problem of starching the lid edge too hardly so it doesn't bend anything at all.


      Can you somehow define hard lines or link pins together or anything like that?

      Is it a better approach to setup a layer for the lid itself (underneath the skin and lash layer), moving it with keyframes?


      Here you can see how the moved pin affects the lid.

      Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-24 um 12.19.39.png


      Kind regards