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    Scripts wont autoload in Indesign cc


      I have copied the follow in extendtoolscript.

      1. //DESCRIPTION:Write Author in Metadata 
      2. // Another Jongware Script 16-Jan-2015 
      3. #targetengine "add_author_info" 
      5. app.addEventListener("afterNew", add_author_info, false);  
      7. function add_author_info (event) 
      8.     var theDoc = event.parent; 
      9.     theDoc.metadataPreferences.author = "Insert N. Here"


      And saved it in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 10.0\nl_NL\Scripts\Scripts Panel\Startup Script


      I can select it manually in InDesign and then it works fine.

      However it doesn't load automaticly when im starting Indesign, so i have to start the scrip everytime im using InDesign.


      Are there any solutions on this, or did i do anything wrong?