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    How to make every other line of text in different character style


      So, I need every other line of text to be formatted differently.

      For example: Line 1 - with character style 1, line 2 with character style 2, line 3 - again with char style 1 and so on

      I tried few nested styles setups, and all I could manage to do is to make 2 first lines change, since all my text lines ends with € sign, so I put that as a point for change. However, I need all text to be like that ...


      I also found a Dave Cross-es tutorial for making this, but WHILE TYPING. I can not find link for it now, but basically, he used 2 paragraph styles and pointed both to other one in "next style" tab. And, it works, but not on imported text (don't know why? - I even tried putting hard breaks at end of lines, thinking it will simulate typing to Indesign )


      So, does anyone know how or can this be done in inDesign? I'll be FOREVER grateful!  (I did have a need for it in the past several times)