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    SWC as external library file

      i have created 2 project, library project (myLib) and actionscript project (myApp)
      which library project are only classes without any visual.

      i use the myLib in my myApp by setting through
      project properties -> actionscript build path -> library path -> add project -> myLib

      it work well when i chose the Link Type = Merged into Code

      but myLib will used for many application at my domain(same), so i change the Link Type to "External"
      and myApp wouldnt compile, it throw error missing classes

      i have try to copy the myLib.swc to myApp bin path, not working
      extra the myLib.swc and copy the library.swf to myApp bin path, not working
      rename the library.swf extra from myLib.swc to myLib.swf and copy to myApp bin path, not working

      how to work on "External" library?