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    Thumbnails in Named People Section Do Not Stack


      I started to assign names to people in one folder in my catalogue. After assigning all the photos of Fred, there is a single thumbnail in the Named People section with a number in the bottom right corner indicating how many images of Fred were found and tagged. I then repeat the exercise for photos of Jill. This time, all the thumbnails of Jill in the Named People section do not stack.The first thumbnail after Fred contains the name Jill and the number 4 in the bottom right corner (4 images tagged) and the rest of the thumbnails contain only the name Jill unless I hover over the thumbnail, in which case the 4 is also visible.

      When I add a third person, Tony, the thumbnails of Tony are stacked again just like it is for Fred.

      Why are the thumbnails of Jill not stacked liked the others?

      I continued to another folder and the same issue as above.

      Using LR6 on perpetual license on Windows 7.