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    Desktop/ Mobile Sync

    glugglug Level 1

      I have Creative Cloud membership, LR6 for Windows and LR mobile on my Samsung Tab (Android). I am signed in with my Adobe ID on all machines.


      I have a Smart Collection which is for basic (quality) triage, which imports from my camera labelled red and from which I label green or yellow for accept/ reject. I can do this with flags I know but I have my reasons. The problem I am having is that although I have Sync With Lightroom Mobile active, no Sync or Unsynced icon appears beside any of my Smart Collections. It appears beside the From Lr Mobile -> My Tablet Photos but I don't use my tablet to take pictures so that is no help.


      What I am wanting to do is is have my Smart Collection sync with my Tablet so that I can sort pix there while travelling, say.