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    Fireworks cs6 and dreamweaver cc

    limakid2015 Level 1

      After long time I'm gonna go back to fireworks. Please, let me know what significant tools should not be used if I am going to use also Dreamweaver CC 2014-regular html pages. I see that the Spry menus are not available anymore in dreamweaver for example. Now there are other tools for UI, right? The link buttons in Fireworks as well as the spry menu bars, when exported to html in DW (a couple of years ago) generated me a lot of confusing html files, codings and... I think it was a problem, right? Orientations, please.

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          In my opinion you should avoid using ANY tool in Fireworks that generates html and/or css. Use Fireworks to prepare you images and designs, and use it for prototyping.


          Firework's code never was great to begin with (very old-fashioned), and since Adobe quit development two years ago it's only become worse. Therefore, do not use any of the generated code from Fireworks for real production.


          Fireworks still generates buttons with text as images - which is just a bad idea. This should be solved with html and css, with perhaps background images for specific visual properties. The text should remain text.


          For button, menus, and other interactive features learn CSS and jQuery, jQuery mobile, and simple javascript. Or re-use pre-built jQuery scripts which you can find online - many are freely available.


          Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but that is the current situation.