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    Importing large files from Word 2003

      Is it just my PC, or it is RoboHelp?

      I am trying to import a large Word document of about 300+ pages into RoboHelp and it seems to choke, not completing the process. I was able to import smaller documents without incident but have not been able to create a PDF document. The whole process chokes as well. Creating .chm files is straight forward and quick otherwise.

      I am running the product side by side with Help & Manual and Doc-To-Help as my company has to make some decisions.

      Can anyone comment on importing large documents from Word?
      Also, is there any way to create conditional text replacements in RoboHelp?
      Does RoboHelp come with RoboPDF?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          That's a pretty big document so if it is giving you problems, I would suggest creating a copy and then splitting it into two for the import.

          X5 does come with RoboPDF. You may encounter a small problem when you first use it but that is covered in Snippets on my site and is easily fixed.

          Conditional text is available in RoboHelp but can you explain what you mean by conditional replacements?