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    E-M5 Mark II: Why does LR6 not support working with the full 4:3 raw image for pictures taken using a different aspect ratio?


      When importing Olympus E-M1 or E-M10 raw images which are taken in aspect ratio different to native the 4:3 MFT sensor format, LR will display the frame as crop overlay to the full image as captured by the sensor. This is very useful because at time of postprocessing one can still control the position of the frame, and modify if required.


      I was very suprised to see that for E-M5 Mark 2 this is not supported in LR6. The raw file in LR6 corresponds exactly to the frame which was chosen while shooting. Full 4:3 image information is present in the ORF raw file though, which can be easily seen eg using Olympus Viewer.


      Is there any specific reason why this useful feature has been neglected for E-M5 Mark II?