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    annoying sorting problem in LR 6 - or maybe it is a feature :- ( unfortunately it can lead to data loss )

    Jann Lipka Level 1

      I see a problem in LR 6 that is new compared to LR 5 .
      potentially it is a serious problem that could lead to data loss.


      I have several images that have the same capture date up to a second -
      in LR5 they would still apear correctly when sorted by date .
      in LR6 they come in wrong order -


      image 00833, 00835, 00834, 00834
      instead of correct order .  33,34,35,36
      I  know I can sort them by name -


      But I need to rename files and then CORRECT

      by date order is important .


      LR6 is making a mess !!!
      on Mac 10.10.3