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    Stage Max W


      I am not a graphic designer nor do I have any familiarity with Edge. I am a quick learner of Adobe products and am considering modifying some Animate interactions that have been developed by my companies graphic design team. However, I want to first determine how Edge Animate works within a Responsive Captivate Project. To that end, I have an file and have selected "Responsive Scaling/Width." I was also informed that I would need to change the Max W which currently says "none" - but seem unable to do so. The "none" seems hard coded and the drop down at Max W ONLY provides the word none. So, how do I go about changing none to the max screen size which is 1024. Thanks.

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          I'm not 100% sure if this is correct but, you wouldn't ever need a max-width for the stage because it doesn't ever get any bigger than the initial stage size set. Even with responsive scaling. However you can set a max-width on the stage using media queries, this cant be done within edge itself though, you would edit the .html file.


          I hope this helps.