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    Increase interface size and font size in InDesign

    Dabatross Level 1

      Me and many others would like the ability in indesign, and all other adobe suite programs, to increase the toolbar icon size, the font sizes and the other aspects of the interface so I can actually see them.


      This feature is really important to me and a lot of other people because its an accessibility issue. I dont have bad eyesight but I dont want to look at tiny little icons and tiny little text to try and see what Im clicking on when Im working in these programs.


      When Im working in indesign, I literally have to have the zoom command on tap every time I use the toolbar at the top so I can see the tiny little arrows and read the very small text up there, not to mention trying to click on the icons. Its been a big problem for a long time and really needs to be resolved.


      This isn't a Hi-DPI issue, this is happening on my macbook pro retina 15inch display and on my 24" 1080p dell monitor. The icons are too small no matter what monitor resolution Im using and there is no way to increase their size. Please, please please in the next update release options to increase the interface size in InDesign and the other adobe suite programs so your users can actually see them comfortably.

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          Dabatross Level 1

          Ive done this multiple times Bob and I know others have as well, is Adobe listening?

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Sure they are. It's just that there are hundreds of requests ahead of yours. ;-)


            Seriously, the product managers have to choose between a ton of choices of what to change or add. You need to make a very good case for how your request is the most important.


            Personally, that would not sit very high on my list.

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              Dabatross Level 1

              Yeah im sure there are lots of requests but I dont really consider this a "feature" but more of an accessibility issue. Creative cloud libraries was a feature, making the interface adjustable so people can actually see it is not. It might not be important for you if you like tiny little icons and small fonts but a lot of people dont, and I think this would rank pretty high on the list because it affects lots of people on how they use the program itself. Why not fix the problems that already exist rather than adding new features that not everybody cares about? A larger interface might not be a high priority on your list but creative cloud libraries is definitely not a high priority on mine. Since this question has been asked over and over and over again through the years and Adobe has done nothing to address it is perplexing to me.


              It just reminds me of other companies like Apple who will ignore driver related video card issues that affect a huge customer base who's using their computers and instead put those efforts towards updating emojis in texting. I get it that updating the interface doesn't make more money for the company but it makes all of the existing and new users who want this really happy. Again shouldn't have to use the zoom feature on mac osx to see the icons comfortably thats pretty ridiculous in 2015. This interface was clearly designed for monitors back in the days of 1024px not with 1080p monitors.