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    Program icons

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      For now, I would like to create a program icon for my projector in windows. I do not understand the information on Adobe's site about creating a .icn file with data for several different icon resolutions. Is there a quick method of doing this? Later I will want to do the same for my Mac projector.
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          The Director method is not very easy. You need to get a program that
          can make an icon with all the sizes and resolutions required by that
          technote you read. I have used IconForge, and I've heard good things
          about Microangelo.

          For Windows only, there are a few free programs that can change the
          icon. Goldshell's Versiown:


          has recently been released for free and it lets you use any 32x32px, 16
          color .ico file and make it the icon for a projector. You can easily
          use one of many freeware utilities (I use IrfanView) to convert any
          image you want to that size and resolution. As an added bonus, Versiown
          lets you change some of the other file properties information, like the
          version number, copyright statement, etc.

          On a Mac, it is super-easy to change the icon for any executable file.
          You just copy the image that you want to become the icon, then right
          click on the executable file and choose "Get Info". Then click on the
          icon in the Get Info box and paste. There are some caviats to that
          method, like it won't handle transparency... but it is easy and free.
          There are other programs for Mac that can do a better job if you need...
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            Thanks Mike,

            I've downloaded Versiown played with it a bit and I'm already having more success than before.
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              FWIW, my fav for this is AXicons. Great program, and also allows you to open
              .exe and modify the icons directly.

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