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    Still Syncing--to Where?

    David_Illig Level 1

      When I try to quit Lr 6 I am warned that "203 photos are still syncing with Lightroom Mobile." That's my entire mobile collection. Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone an my iPad tell me when I touch the cloud icon that they are up to date. So in view of the report from my iOS devices "All up to date," to what place is Lightroom syncing my photos?


      I would like to know what the path between my hard drive and my iOS devices. Are the photos all on my iOS devices, or are they going from my HD to an Adobe cloud server and thence to my mobile devices?


      Are the 203 photos in my mobile collection in the cloud in addition to being on my HD? If so, is there a URL or a utility that can show me my directory in that cloud so that I can see what is in it?


      I have "Creative Cloud Files" in the sidebar in my Finder window in OS X, but the directory is empty. Where is that directory? Local, or on an Adobe server?


      It would be handy to have a graphic map showing how Adobe's cloud storage works, i.e., how it handles files. I have searched for such a map, but have not found it.



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          greule Adobe Employee

          The originals are all present on you Desktop machine. When you start on the phone/tablet then LrM will upload the original photo and Lr Desktop will download them. When you start on the Desktop side, Lightroom will upload Smart-Previews which will be downloaded by Lr Mobile. From where did you start the sync of your 203 photos collection?