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    LR6 crashing when doing backups

    bob frost Level 3

      When backing up LR6 it stops responding when it get to optimize catalog. Turning optimize catalog off doesn't cure it - it still stops responding before it gets to the end. It seems to be creating a normal backup of the catalog and a compressed version that I haven't seen before. This probably has something to do with the problem.


      Optimizing the catalog within LR6 works fine. But backup doesn't!! Serious problem!



      Anyone else noticing this?


      Bob Frost

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          bob frost Level 3

          Apparently I musn't call this a 'crash', according to Chris Cox. It is a 'Not Responding' state. But the end result to me is probably the same - it stops working and I have to use Task Manager to end it.


          Back to 5.7.1, at least it is very stable on my machine. I don't know what damage is caused to the catalog when LR6 goes into the Not Responding state, so I can't trust LR6, and the backup process does not work properly. Is it supposed to be making normal and compressed backups now in LR6?


          Bob frost

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            bob frost Level 3

            Well, answering this myself again, I see from Victoria's blog that LR6 is supposed to be making compressed backups now. When I suggested this years ago, the LR team's answer was that this was too flaky!! They were obviously correct!!!!!


            Ever since then, I've been compressing the LR backups myself, without any problems.


            Bob Frost

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              Does this happen to you?


              For me LR6 enters non responsive state anytime I enter Catalog Settings. It doesn't matter if I actually change a setting. Just the mere fact I entered "Catalog Settings" during a work session guarantees a freeze, especially upon exiting the program. Your "issue" with your catalog freezing may have noting at all to do with making compressed back-ups etc...it may lay much sooner in the food chain.


              As soon as you enter Catalog Settings it seems I'm doomed from that point on. Maybe you too?


              Hope this helps you narrow down the cause.